Time for Yo Sushi

I haven’t been to Yo Sushi for a while now, even though I enjoyed the meal I had there the last time I was there in 2009. I didn’t think it was that long ago!

Out on a evening shopping trip out with my wife, we decided that we wanted to get a quick bite to eat and as both like sushi, decided that we would go to Yo Sushi.

The first dish we grabbed from the conveyor belt was Assorted Fish Maki, two each of salmon, tuna and prawn and chive maki. These were very nice. I then picked up a plate of Avocado Maki, alas these were quite bland, but did have a nice texture.

We then ordered some hot dishes, which means as we could see into the kitchen we knew were freshly cooked. As might be guessed by regular readers of the blog, I went with squid, well I like squid. The Spicy Pepper Squid, is described as hot coils of spicy pepper squid topped with red chilli. I personally thought it was overcooked and a little chewy, but really enjoyed the dish, the chilli was a nice touch and added some heat to the squid.

The Chicken Teriyaki, grilled chicken in a sweet, sticky soy based sauce was very good, delicious and the sauce was just right. We could have probably eaten three of this dish, but in the end had just one. The grilled chicken was tender and there is something I have alway enjoyed about grilled chicken. This was well complemented by the sticky teriyaki sauce and dressed with sesame seeds.

As I was intrigued and had never had it before, I ordered the Soft Shell Crab Tempura, which was described as soft, tasty and tender soft shell blue crab fried in a crispy and light batter with tempura sauce. I do like crab but had not had soft shell crab before. This dish was mainly about texture, there wasn’t a strong crab flavour, but was quite nice.

Overall it was a really nice meal, though we preferred the hot dishes. We thought it was quite reasonable for the price we were charged.


I do quite like sushi, however I much prefer what I call real sushi over the typical sushi sold in supermarkets. The kind made with raw fish over smoked or cooked!

Yo Sushi

I have had Yo Sushi before, I had some time to wait before my train so decided to sit down and eat rather than buy the takeway that I normally buy.

The concept of Yo Sushi may be familiar to anyone who has been to Japan it certainly is a weird concept for many in the UK.

Sit down and watch as little bowls of sushi pass you by on a conveyor belt. Help yourself to the ones that you want. After you have eaten they count the bowls you have eaten and charge you accordingly. Not all the bowls are the same price and range from £1.70 to £5.00. The price depends on how much is in the bowl and what ingredients are used.

As well as the cold dishes on the conveyor belt you can order soup and hot dishes from the waiting staff.

I looked at the menu and the first two items I chose were not available. So I ordered Chicken Yakitori, char-grilled chicken skewers with a soy-mirin glaze and Prawn Katsu, crispy fried prawns in Japanese bread crumbs, with a fruity sauce. I had wanted to order Prawn Tempura and Chicken Teriyaki .

While I was waiting for the hot food I started off with a crayfish salad which was very pleasant. The hot food then arrived (quicker than anticipated). The prawns were good and the chicken skewers were sticky.

I then picked a Salmon Nigri from the belt. The salmon lacked flavour but the rice was okay.

My final dish was Spicy Pepper Squid which was very nice and a good finish to my meal.

Still think it was cheeky that they charge £1 for water!

I will go again.

Yo Sushi once more

Having tried Yo Sushi once and enjoyed it, coming home from London yesterday I decided to have Yo Sushi again. Rather than eat at the restaurant taking bowls from the conveyor belt I bought some take away to eat on the train.

I had Salmon and Tuna Box and a Spicy Squid salad.

The Salmon and Tuna Box contains 2 Salmon Nigiri, 2 Tuna Nigiri,  Sashimi: Salmon, Tuna, Coriander Seared Tuna, Tuna Maki, 2 Salmon Maki, YO! Roll.

Salmon and Tuna Box

The Nigiri were really nice as was the Sashimi. I enjoyed the Maki, however though it was okay didn’t think too much of the YO! Roll.

I did enjoy the Spicy Squid which was blanched squid tossed with crunchy peppers, red onion, dressed with spicy kimchee sauce and sesame seed.

Spicy Squid

Overall for £10.20 probably more than I would normally pay for a takeway meal, however at least it wasn’t panini or a burger. I really did enjoy my meal and will certainly be going again.

Yo Sushi

Wanted a small supper this evening, to eat on the train.

Thought about getting a sandwich, but in the end decided to get some sushi to take away from Yo Sushi.

To be honest I have no idea what I had, but it wasn’t bad, very nice.