Mowgli in Bristol

I headed out for a walk at lunchtime and went to see the new Mowgli restaurant on Corn Street.

I had first noticed the Mowgli chain when I was looking around the refurbished  Birmingham New Street railway station. What intrigued me, more than the menu, was the swing seats they had.

Mowgli sells Indian street food, and has a nice sounding menu. It looked interesting inside. One day I might give it a visit.

Atlantic Village under new ownership

Atlantic Village

I saw on my lunchtime walk that the Atlantic Village fish and chip shop at Clover Court has a huge handwritten sign in the window, proclaiming that it will be opening soon under new ownership.

Over the last few years the Atlantic Village fish and chip shop has reduced their menu and their opening hours. I remember when it opened I was quite pleased. The reality is that I don’t eat fish and chips that often. So I wasn’t a regular customer, and if I was going to have chips, I was more likely to go to Sea Salt.

It will be interesting to see what the new place will be like.

Demise of Cranside

Next month I am off to Glasgow for a conference. When I attended the conference last year I had some nice meals up there.

I had a nice meal at the Cranside Kitchen. I had a really nice Seafood Cha Han and some delicious Bao Buns. 

I thought I would check out the menu at the Cranside Kitchen, and I was little saddened to see that they had closed in the summer.

Well I will need to find somewhere else to eat.

MOMO bar


Going for a walk in Bristol today I noticed that in the St Nicholas Market a new stall has opened, the MOMO Bar.

Selling Tibetan dumplings and other stuff, there was quite a queue for their wares.

They sell four kinds of momo dumplings, beef, chicken, a vegetarian spinach and cheese and a vegan mushroom dumpling. You can also mix and match. Eight dumplings will cost you £9, whilst six would be £7.00

They also sell a thukpa noodle box, three choices here, beef, chicken or mixed vegetables. The noodle box costs £7.50, but you can make it a combo box, by adding two momo dumplings for £9.50.

I wasn’t looking for lunch, but it does look quite interesting. Though I felt the prices were a little high, but then again all the prices in St Nick’s have gone up. The delicious Kurdish wraps from Matina use to be £5 are now £7.50 for example.

So one day I may give the MOMO bar a try.