MOMO bar


Going for a walk in Bristol today I noticed that in the St Nicholas Market a new stall has opened, the MOMO Bar.

Selling Tibetan dumplings and other stuff, there was quite a queue for their wares.

They sell four kinds of momo dumplings, beef, chicken, a vegetarian spinach and cheese and a vegan mushroom dumpling. You can also mix and match. Eight dumplings will cost you £9, whilst six would be £7.00

They also sell a thukpa noodle box, three choices here, beef, chicken or mixed vegetables. The noodle box costs £7.50, but you can make it a combo box, by adding two momo dumplings for £9.50.

I wasn’t looking for lunch, but it does look quite interesting. Though I felt the prices were a little high, but then again all the prices in St Nick’s have gone up. The delicious Kurdish wraps from Matina use to be £5 are now £7.50 for example.

So one day I may give the MOMO bar a try.

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