Skinny Flat White


Taking advantage of a special offer, I had a very nice skinny flat white from the Caffe Nero at the top of Union Street in Bristol.

The service was excellent, and I really enjoyed the coffee.

Spicer & Cole Flat White

Having missed out on lunch, I headed out for a walk and possibly coffee. I ended up at Spicer & Cole and ordered a flat white to drink in.

I was asked to take a seat and when my coffee was done they brought it over to me.

flat white

This was an excellently made coffee and I really enjoyed sitting down, doing some working, watching the world go by and drinking coffee.

That’s why I don’t go to Starbucks

I was charging my car when I walked over to my local Starbucks. This branch has a drive through, but also space to sit down. As I was waiting, I decided to drink in. I was going to have an iced drink, but they had no ice.

I ordered a flat white.

I thought it was well overpriced at £3.74. I know we have excessive inflation, but I think £3 for a coffee in London is expensive. I suspect that they use the same pricing structure as Starbuck branches on motorway services. This Starbucks is next to a petrol station but is in Weston-super-Mare and not on the motorway.

It did look nice, but it wasn’t in my opinion a really good coffee. I remembered I am not really a fan of Starbucks coffee. 

At the Boathouse


I have passed the Boathouse Bar and Bistro at the Uphill boatyard many times, but most of the time I have, it has been in the evening, and it has been closed. It usually closes at 4pm and 5pm at weekends.

So on a recent stroll around Uphill I decided I would stop for a coffee and try the Boathouse out.

It was quite busy and bustling when I arrived late morning, there was no queue though. I ordered my flat white and then took a seat at a table. They do, what I always prefer, to bring my coffee over to me, rather than wait at the counter until it is made.

The Boathouse is in a building which use to be a yacht chandlers, there are still signs of that in the place.

It wasn’t long before my coffee arrived, it was a well made flat white and tasted great. I spent time drinking my coffee and working on my phone. There is no wifi, and to be honest not much of a phone signal either. I think next time I will take a notebook and a pen and work in that way.

Overall a really nice coffee, good service and a pleasant environment.

Cardiff Castle Arcade Flat White

We were in Cardiff and having visited the castle we headed into the city centre.

We walked down Castle Arcade and stopped at Coffee Barker for a drink. 

Coffee Barker is a lovely place for coffee, I have been here before when I have visited Cardiff. I like the environment, the drinks, and the service. The mix of wooden furniture, leather chairs, and soft furnishings, give the place a warm calming experience.

We were given a warm and welcome and I placed our order. I had  flat white.

This was a really excellent coffee, well made, and delicious.

Chirk Castle Coffee

Chirk Castle

I made a visit to the National Trust’s Chirk Castle close to Wrexham. Partly to have a coffee, but also to see the castle.

A 13th-century Marcher castle, that from 1595 became the home of the Myddelton family for over 400 years.

The castle was an English castle (now in Wales) that became a family home. Swapping sides during the English Civil War, it  sustained serious structural damage from a parliamentary force in 1659 and underwent a major rebuild.

Chirk remained in the Myddelton family until it was transferred to the National Trust in 1981.

The cafe is located in the castle’s historic kitchens, and when I headed to the additional seating I really liked the environment. The additional seating room was in one  of the towers.

The flat white was expertly made, and really good. It was a lovely place to sit and drink coffee.

flat white coffee on a table

It was nice that the cafe was in the heart of the castle, many time when visiting National Trust properties the cafe is more often than not, in one of the outbuildings, usually the stable.

Jimmy and the Bee

I was in London and had a meeting in the afternoon, so I walked up to City, University of London. 

I arrived earlier than planned, so I went to Jimmy and the Bee, which is close by, and ordered a flat white. They took my order and I took a seat.

Jimmy and the Bee looks to be an independent cafe, which predominantly sells tea and coffee. There were some cakes and pastries on the counter, and I saw board with some breakfast items (avocado on toast).  The furniture is distressed wood, but there are also some comfortable looking sofas as well.

My flat white arrived.

flat white

In some other places this may have been described as a Cortado. It was a really nice coffee and I enjoyed it.

I also got a 10% discount; I think they thought I was City staff as I was wearing my work lanyard.

Time for a flat white

We were visiting the National Trust’s Wightwick Manor in the West Midlands.

Victorian half-timbered Manor House which was home of the Mander family, with a world-class art collection and Morris and Co. interiors.

After visiting the house and walking around the grounds we headed to the cafe for a coffee.

I ordered a flat white, but wasn’t tempted by the cakes.

The coffee was expertly made, and it was really nice. I enjoyed it. I was pleased it came in a proper china cup.


Time for a German Flat White

I was staying in Berlin for a few days attending a conference. The last time I had been to Germany was in 1985 staying for a couple of days in Munich on the way back from a camp in Yugoslavia. This was my first visit to Berlin and the first visit to a unified Germany.

I had various meals and snacks while I was there in Berlin. Though when it came to coffee I usually used the coffee machine in the hotel, but I did have a nice flat white at a branch of Einstein Kaffee. I was out and about walking around Berlin and did quite fancy a coffee. I had seen a Starbucks, but I hadn’t travelled to the heart of Europe for an American style coffee. I had seen a fair few branches of Einstein Kaffee across Berlin, so when I came across a branch I headed in and ordered a flat white.

I did think about having a cake, but nothing took my fancy and they all looked quite expensive. So, in the end I ordered just the coffee.

The place was quite busy, but I found a stool and sat down to drink my coffee.

It was a nice coffee. 

Waiting for a plane


So there I was at Dublin Airport and I had a long wait, over five hours! So it was time for a coffee, there were a few choices.

The main reason I went to Starbucks was that there were power sockets. This meant I could drink coffee and charge up my phone and laptop.

I ordered a flat white and took a seat, plugged everything in and then drank the coffee.

I am not a great fan of Starbucks coffee, but needs must and in the end I thought it was alright. I certainly made it last though, so I could maximise the charge on my devices.