Not quite a flat white

two wooden boats in the mud

According to Wikipedia this is what is the accepted definition of a flat white coffee.

According to a survey of industry commentators, a flat white has a thin layer of microfoam (hence the ‘flat’ in flat white), as opposed to the significantly thicker layer of foam in a traditional cappuccino.

There is some dispute about the origin or creator of the flat white.  However there is also a lot of dispute across the various places I visit about the best way to make a flat white.

I was over in Woodbridge in East Anglia, looking for a place for a coffee, and to crack on with some work. I went to Coffeelink in the new(ish) redevelopment on the riverside. It was a typical modern coffee place, similar to places I have been to in Portishead and Whapping Wharf in Bristol.

I ordered my coffee and took a seat. A little later my coffee arrived.

coffee on a table

It was an interesting looking flat white, I felt it had a little too much foam. Despite that it was a nice coffee, which I enjoyed.

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