German Doner Kebab is opening in Weston-super-Mare

Well, just what we need in Weston, another fast food joint. Casual eating in Weston has got a little more casual.

The chain German Doner Kebab is opening a new branch on the high street in Weston-super-Mare in February.

Their food is described on their website.

Our kebabs are made from quality ingredients that are exclusive to Doner Kebab Restaurants. The great taste comes from the secret sauces that set our products apart, from our competitors.¬†We use lean succulent beef and our meats are imported directly from Germany to maintain quality and consistency. We only use fresh, locally produced vegetables that are delivered and prepared daily along with our special “Doner Kebab” bread. These make the “Doner Kebab” a truly unique taste experience of our customers.

Reviewing the menu, you might have guessed they sell kebabs.

I have seen branches before in other places, but have not had the opportunity to try the food out. Will I try it out? Maybe, well probably not.

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