Quick lunch in Cardiff

Last November I was attending some meetings in Cardiff, after they were over I was walking back to the car park to get my car and drive home. I realised I was hungry and decided to get something to eat.

Cardiff has quite a bit of choice of places to eat, but I didn’t really have the time to look round find somewhere so in the end I chose Barburrito.

I’ve had Barburrito tacos before at Paddington and Bristol Airport, so it was something I knew I liked.

I had three Barburrito tacos with pork and chicken. You also get a handful of tortilla chips and salsa. I like how you have some choice over which salads and extras you get with your tacos.


Though I always think with Barburrito that the meat is generally overcooked, however I did enjoy my tacos and the salad and toppings tasted very fresh.

Time for Tacos

Paddington Station

I have been pleasantly surprised by the choice of food outlets at Paddington Station, not only a good choice, but the food is pretty good and reasonable value for a transport hub. Airports and service stations could learn a lot from Paddington Station.

One place I was sad to see disappear when the concourse at Paddington was refreshed was the Barburrito burrito place, but did smile when I saw it return to the first floor after the refresh.

Its a simple menu at Barburrito, pick your dish, from the classic burrito to what I decided to have a stack of tacos, the Stack O’ Taco. You can have two or three. Soft flour or corn tacos with achoice of filling, served with side order of tortilla chips and salsa.

You can choose your filling, with the tacos you can have them all the same or mix and match. I went with the Grilled Steak in two and Grilled Chicken in the third. Other choices include pulled pork, vegan, spicy shredded beef or chicken and chorizo.

I also got some salsa and toppings for the tacos, but didn’t go for the guacamole, which I usually would do.

Stack O’ Taco

The tacos were nice and fresh, really tasty. It was only after I finished that I realised I had forgotten about the tortilla chips, ah well. These were nice tacos, tasty and well presented.