Turn Back Time – The High Street

Really clever trailer from the BBC, very Back to the Future.

I have enjoyed the first two episodes about historical high streets, shows how “lucky” we are today in some respects and how much we have lost too. True no food adulteration these days (well some probably), but we have lost a lot of the personal touch we had in the past.

Series still available on BBC iPlayer until December 14th 2010.

The secrets behind our processed food

Fascnating series from the BBC on how they make processed food, demonstrated by Jimmy Doherty doing it at home without the factory.

The organic, home-made food trend may have grown rapidly in the past decade, but in the recession many have returned to cheaper, processed produce. Yet few of us know how such everyday foods are made.

As household budgets have been cut, shoppers have been seeking out bargains in preference to pricey alternatives. For example, sales of organic vegetables slumped 19% in the past year.

But if the British palate has been readjusting to cheaper, often processed foods, few shoppers know much about how such produce is created. Suffolk-based farmer Jimmy Doherty has been working to overcome this consumer blind spot, finding out for a new BBC TV series how science and ingenuity combine to produce good quality food on such a mass scale.

So, what are the processes some of the most common convenience foods go through before they reach our supermarket trolleys? 

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Would you drink milk from a bag?

BBC reports on milk in plastic bags.

One of the UK’s leading supermarkets has begun stocking milk in plastic bags – but how easy are they to use?

Rory Cellan-Jones road tests a bag of milk to find out if it is likely to replace the traditional doorstep pint.

Would you drink milk from a bag?

Watch the video.

Looks all a bit complicated to me.

Having said that, I read on a Canadian blog  that they have been using milk bags in Canada for years. In the UK we are sometimes a little behind, for example it took us ages to move away from leaded petrol for example, or embrace organic produce.

Though I know really large milk bags have been used in catering for some years, but this is the first milk bag for consumers.

Mango Chutney

Watching Saturday Kitchen this morning and really liked the mango chutney which James Martin made.

A very simple recipe which sounded really easy and looked tasty.

Book Choice – Saturday Kitchen

This week’s book choice is Saturday Kitchen Cookbook.

“Saturday Kitchen” is a popular magazine-format show broadcast live on BBC1 for 35 weeks of the year. Combining a regular band of chefs and celebrities, as well as archive material and interactive features, it achieves a perfect balance of lively on-screen atmosphere with practical content. Hosted by James Martin, the programme has a down-to-earth approach with attention to modern food trends that appeals to not-too-serious cooks. The new “Saturday Kitchen Cookbook” will move forward with the successful growth of the brand, providing a fantastic opportunity to tap into a bit of everything. With over 100 inspirational recipes from the show, it will bring together new ideas from some of the nation’s favourite chefs, cutting-edge recipes from fresh talent, a variety of different cuisine from all around the world and a wealth of tips on current food topics.

Saturday Kitchen Cookbook

I do quite enjoy Saturday Kitchen, and some of the recipes from the series are quite good or at least inspiring.

This is a nice book with great recipes and lots of lovely photographs. Buy it from Amazon..