Help, we need somebody…

BBC reports on how Starbucks is trying to get its customers to come up with fresh ideas.

Coffee chain giant Starbucks is hoping its loyal customers may be able to brew up the bright ideas to help turn around its struggling fortunes.

The company recently launched a website offering its US customers the chance to pitch ideas for how the firm can improve its stores and operations.

Here’s some free advice Starbucks…

Make better coffee, nicer environments and lower your prices.

Oh and free wireless wouldn’t go amiss either!

Latte please, to go…

Imagine going to Starbucks having already ordered your drink from your iPhone?

Engadget reports on an application for the iPhone which allows you to place an order for a drink so it’s ready when you get there.

Quickorder, as you can probably imagine, would enable iPod touch users to swing by their local Starbucks, order up their favorite drink and avoid a good deal of that always questionable human interaction.

Just demonstrates how useful/useless an application for a mobile device can be.

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628 Calories

You know that Grande Mocha you bought from Starbucks this morning.

628 calories.

That’s right a huge chunk of your recommended daily intake of calories.

Oh you had a muffin as well, a skinny one?

Well that’s okay then isn’t it!

Thanks The Register.

Starbucks Chocolate

So there I was buying a tall americano and I thought I know I fancy a bar of chocolate, oh look there’s a bar of fairtrade milk chocolate.

Well it was okay, nothing special.

Starbucks Chocolate

But I did finish the bar and I guess that says it all.