Turn Back Time – The High Street

Really clever trailer from the BBC, very Back to the Future.

I have enjoyed the first two episodes about historical high streets, shows how “lucky” we are today in some respects and how much we have lost too. True no food adulteration these days (well some probably), but we have lost a lot of the personal touch we had in the past.

Series still available on BBC iPlayer until December 14th 2010.


Have just been watching Rick Stein on BBC Two and to be honest nothing I saw was remotely appetising!

Maybe it was where he was, but most of the dishes I saw I didn’t like the look of, so much so I turned it off!


There are some good food programmes on television, there are some really good programmes, there are some poor offerings and then there is the downright bizarre!

In the Ready, Steady, Cook slot is a bizarre programme called Food Poker!

Food Poker

Basically chefs play a weird kind of poker to pitch a dish from ingredients that are on their cards.

As a result you get weird dishes like oriental haggis!

It is just bizarre.