Smoked Pollack Chowder

It’s Friday, time for fish, and for the fifth time this week the Guardian has published another excellent recipe from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

The smoked pollack chowder sounds delicious.

Griddled Squid

Continuing their daily series of Hugh’s fish recipes, the Guardian today publish a very nice griddled squid recipe.

I do like squid and I have cooked squid in this manner myself and it is delicious. If you have only ever had pre-battered calamari rings then you are doing squid a diservice and you really must try freshly cooked squid.

Food on Film

The Guardian has published an informative and interesting article on the relationship between and the part food plays in films.

What is the most famous food scene in all cinema? Could it be Samuel L Jackson interrogating the men he’s been hired to kill about European hamburgers and the metric system in Pulp Fiction? Or might it be Debbie Reynolds jumping out of a cake to do the charleston in Singin’ in the Rain?

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The Price of Chicken

BBC Food has an interesting article on chicken.

Chicken is no longer the expensive luxury it was and as poultry prices have dropped, the welfare of the animals themselves has declined. Here’s how you can source higher-welfare chicken and eggs.

Personally I do enjoy eating chicken, however I will now only buy organic. Compared to other chicken though more expensive the flavour is so much better.

A warning to all coffee lovers out there

Found this interesting article on the BBC News website.

Girl overdoses on espresso coffee. A teenager was taken to hospital after overdosing on espresso coffee.

It would appear that she had seven double espresso coffees and as a result had overdosed on caffeine!

A warning to all coffee lovers out there.

The Italian Academy of Cooking slams Italian restaurants in the UK

The Italian Academy of Cooking has launched a scathing attack on the standard of Italian restaurants abroad.

It says two-thirds of the restaurants they reviewed mistook the ingredients or the preparations.

Italians are very proud of their cooking and their recipes, rooted in many different regions and traditions.

But when they travel, most stay well away from Italian food and with good reason: some 60% of Italian restaurants abroad are awful, the academy says.

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Take your chicken. Baste with wood varnish…

Here’s a great kitchen tip. You know how bowls of soup in food magazines always have a few bubbles rising artfully to the surface, giving that freshly ladled-from-the-tureen appearance? Well, you can recreate this effect quite easily at home by lightly drizzling some washing-up liquid into your soups but, please, only use the best stuff; this is no time to cut corners. Next, take a plastic straw and gently blow into the soup, creating an entire bowlful of bubbles. Using a pin pop away until you are left with just those few artistic ones that will survive for hours. The taste might not be to die for but at least your bowl of soup will look just like it does in the food magazines.

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