Easter Eggs on sale

Though I kind of expect to see Hot Cross Buns and Cadbury Creme Eggs just after Christmas, but here we are not quite two weeks into January and Tesco already have a full aisle of Easter Eggs for sale.

Just a reminder that Easter isn’t until the 17th April.


Screme Eggs!!!

It’s not even Christmas, let alone Easter, and there are chocolate eggs already on sale in my local shops!

These are not Creme Eggs, they are Screme Eggs!!!

Obviously produced and on sale for Halloween I am not sure though what eggs have to do with Halloween. Chocolate pumpkins I could understand, but green eggs…

Trying to expand their market beyond Easter methinks… what next Christmas Eggs?

Venezuela’s giant rodent cuisine

Venezuela’s giant rodent cuisine

BBC reports on Venezuela’s giant rodent cuisine:

While in many countries the Easter dish may be lamb, in Venezuela a traditional delicacy around this time of the year is the capybara, the world’s biggest rodent.

The capybara is a distant cousin to the common guinea pig but bigger and river-based like a beaver.

Many Venezuelans regard the semi-aquatic creature as more fish than meat – a useful description during Lent when it is eaten as a replacement for red meat in this largely Roman Catholic country.

Not sure if I would eat it, would you?

Nearly Christmas…

Well you know how just after Christmas the large supermarkets start getting the creme eggs and other easter eggs in! They also get in the hot cross buns too!

Well Easter has just finished so guess what?

Tesco have now got in their Christmas poultry!

Nearly Christmas…

Hopefully it will stay fresh long enough.