Venezuela’s giant rodent cuisine

Venezuela’s giant rodent cuisine

BBC reports on Venezuela’s giant rodent cuisine:

While in many countries the Easter dish may be lamb, in Venezuela a traditional delicacy around this time of the year is the capybara, the world’s biggest rodent.

The capybara is a distant cousin to the common guinea pig but bigger and river-based like a beaver.

Many Venezuelans regard the semi-aquatic creature as more fish than meat – a useful description during Lent when it is eaten as a replacement for red meat in this largely Roman Catholic country.

Not sure if I would eat it, would you?

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  1. I’ve eaten capybara many times in Bolivia. It is similar to young pig and can be prepared the same way. It’s great. Anybody who will eat a chicken should eat anything.

  2. I don’t actually remember posting this, even though it’s true. Even better is Jochi pintada, a smaller version of the Capybara. It’s cinnamon colored with white spots like a faun Breaks your heart to eat them. You cry all the way to the table.

    People who’d eat chickens would even eat EGGS!

    Michael, thewanderingchef

  3. Hi Michael I imported this post and comments from an old blog of mine, so though the name of the blog has changed, your original comment was from you.

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