Grinding Coffee

My favourite brand of coffee these days is Percol’s Black & Beyond and I have recently had trouble finding it in my local supermarkets (and in some cases not so local). So as a result I decided to buy a pack of Percol’s Black & Beyond whole bean coffee. I’ve not used beans for a while, so though I do have an electric grinder, my son got out the manual coffee grinder. If you have ever watched Dances with Wolves you will know what it looks like. I’ve never actually used it, and remembering the film, I thought it would take a while to grind the coffee. In the end it was quicker than I thought it was going to be. It didn’t do a fine grind, you wouldn’t want to use it in an espresso machine, but for a cafetiere it was okay. The coffee was really good and as a result I might keep getting beans now and again.

Black & Beyond

Those who know me, know that I only drink “real” coffee, I’ve recently changed my usual coffee from Percol’s Americano to Percol’s Black & Beyond. This is an increase in strength from 5 to 6.

It’s a strong coffee that is full of flavour. If you like the odd espresso then you’ll probably like a cup of this. However if you prefer a latte then you’ll no doubt find this coffee way too strong.

I generally use this coffee in my cafetiere and certainly gives a kick and is very nice.

You wouldn’t want to have too many cups of this coffee otherwise you’ll have to drag you off the ceiling!

Which coffee do you drink?

coffeeSo which coffee do you drink on a regular basis?

Personally I stopped drinking instant coffee a few years ago, and now only drink “proper” coffee. I either use my espresso machine or the cafetiere.

I use Percol’s Fairtrade Organic Percol which is quite a strong coffee.

Dark and full with upfront flavours of bitter chocolate and hazelnut with a smooth and rounded finish.

I enjoy this first thing in the morning and often have a second cup mid-morning if I am at home.

So which coffee do you drink and enjoy?