Birds Eye Green Cuisine meat-free meatballs

We tried these today. Birds Eye Green Cuisine meat-free meatballs.

Our Meat-free meatballs are super tasty combined with a home-made tomato sauce and served with pasta. They’re loaded with our signature pea protein* combined with a unique mix of herbs and spices to create a delicious meat-free alternative.

We had them plain. Trying to recreate that IKEA type meal of meatballs.

I wasn’t too impressed with them. They were easy to cook, but I was expecting a stronger flavour.

I think they would work well in a tomato sauce on top of pasta.

Eat yer greens…

BBC reports on findings that vegetarians get less cancer.

A vegetarian diet may help to protect against cancer, a UK study suggests.

Analysis of data from 52,700 men and women shows that those who did not eat meat had significantly fewer cancers overall than those who did.

Eat yer greens…

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Baked Mushrooms

This is an excellent choice as a vegetarian main course, or as an accompaniment.

Take some portobello mushrooms (these are the big flat ones) remove the stalk. Add some olive oil and butter. Cover the mushrooms with breadcrumbs, fresh herbs and parmesan. You could if you wanted add garlic as well.

Bake in the oven for about twenty minutes until the topping is golden brown.