Beef & Red Wine Casserole

Cooked a really nice beef and red wine casserole today. I find the key with any casserole is time.

I took some diced braising steak from Waitrose and in small batches browned it in a pan. The key here is to brown the meat to add colour and flavour to the final dish. If you try and brown too much in one go, you will be stewing the meat rather than browning. After browning the last batch, remove the final batch of beef and add diced onion, swede and carrot to the pan. You can add other vegetables depending on taste.

Saute the vegetables for a few minutes before adding back the beef. Stir and add some red wine. Now you could use a whole bottle of red wine, I used a small ¼ bottle of red wine. If you prefer ale then this would be the time to add the ale.

I then added some beef stock, I used the new Knorr Rich Beef Stock Pot to make the stock. Bring to the simmer and then place in the oven.

After cooking for at least two hours, topping up with stock if needed, I then added some pan fried pancetta and mushrooms. I let that cook for another 30 minutes before adding some home made dumplings made with suet and self-raising flour. This with a lid on the casserole dish was cooked for another 30 minutes.


Was really nice and full of flavour.

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