Breakfast Bread

It won’t surprise you, but most people who are happy to change what they have for lunch and dinner on a daily basis, are though more likely to have the same thing for breakfast everyday, with only the odd change.

Personally I do like having different breakfasts and will change what I have on a daily basis. Though I do find coffee and toast make more frequent appearances than other things.

I recently found these in my local supermarket and decided to give them a try.

It is Mission Deli Cranberry and Orange Breakfast Bread.

I do quite like fruit bread toasted for breakfast and have bought loaves of it in the past. I have also enjoyed the fruit toast available at Starbucks and as this seemed to be similar, even if not quite the same.

Probably the best way to describe them is as similar to naan bread with fruit. I popped them in the toaster and when they popped out put some butter on them.

So what are they like?

Well on the positive side, the bread is soft and is very nice when warm. However there wasn’t enough fruit in it for my liking and as someone who doesn’t actually like much fruit in his fruit bread, that’s saying something. I also found them quite salty, and I was using unsalted butter. My final point is that the bread was quite smooth on top and as a result buttering them was quite a challenge, basically the butter melted on the hot bread and slid off… So though I enjoyed the bread, it needed more fruit, less salt and I need to work out how to spread butter on them.

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