Burger and Fries at the Airport

I had missed lunch and was flying from Edinburgh Airport, so decided to get something to eat from the departures lounge.

Upon arriving at Edinburgh Airport, there are quite a few places to eat. I would have probably gone with Bar Burrito, however they weren’t selling the tacos that I like. In the end I decided I would have a burger. I went to Hudson St Grill and took a seat and ordered my food from the app. 

This was an airport, so the food arrived quite promptly. It didn’t look half bad to be honest.

This burger was just okay, it didn’t really have a good flavour. They had dressed the burger with sliced tomato, gem lettuce, pickled pink onions, sliced gherkins and tomato relish. I had added a slice of Monteray Jack cheese to the burger as well.

Overall it was just okay, nothing special, but better than others I have had. The chips were nice.

There was an option to go to a mainstream high street chain at the airport, but the pricing wasn’t that much different, and at least at the Hudson St Grill and I got served at my table.

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