Calves Liver

Back in November last year I visited the Alba Ristorante in London with some friends.  I had the Smoked Duck Salad followed by the Calves Liver. The Italian name for the calves liver dish was Fegato alla griglia con spinaci & patate; in English, grilled calves liver with spinach & saute potatoes.

Back then I blogged about the meal and said

I am not normally a great fan of liver, lambs liver is quite strongly flavoured and pigs liver much too strong. Most of the time it appears to be served as liver and onions and the liver is dry and tough. However I had read many reviews about calves liver so this was an opportunity.

I was impressed.

It was beautifully cooked and was delicious. The flavour was exquisite and the accompanying spinach and potatoes were done well too. The texture was fantastic, it almost melted in the mouth. It had been grilled to perfection and was medium as was recommended to me and as asked for by me.

I decided that I would try and recreate that moment and cook some calves liver myself.


I cooked it quickly on my griddle, it looked nice, however it certainly did not have the texture and flavour of the liver from the Alba.

Don’t think I will be cooking it again, going to leave it until the next time I visit the Alba.

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