Classic Heineken Advert – Concorde

A classic Heineken advert from 1976. It appeared at the same time that Concorde entered service with British Airways (and Air France).

Classic Heineken Advert

Heineken. Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach.

Burrito and a Beer

Needing a quick dinner and not wanting to spend a fortune and wanting to try somewhere different. I decided that it was time to go to Chiquitos. I have been there before, but that was years ago. Not been recently as generally when I go to where my local one is, I have the children with me and they aren’t fans of mexican food (at the moment), we go to Bella Italia or Frankie and Bennys.

As I was on my own, then I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and see what it was like now.

They had a special offer of a burrito and a beer for just £7.99.

Well lets go with that then. I decided to go with the pulled pork option.

Service was really quick and even though I was having the “special offer” I also got the complementary tortilla chips.

The burrito when it arrived, certainly looked interesting.

I am not sure I would have presented it in that way, I think I might have preferred the sour cream, guacamole and salsa to be served separately.

I think I would have also preferred it to be “freshly made” rather than as I think it was, just heated through. I may be wrong on that.

Overall it was very nice and quite tasty. Spicy but not too spicy.

I will probably go back and try something different another time.


This is a very nice ruby beer. Dark in colour, strong in taste this is a beer to be savoured slowly. A perfect choice for dark winter evenings (even though it’s nearly spring, it is still very nice).

I do like the beers from the Wychwood Brewery and the imagery they use is also clever.

Bishops Tipple

TippleThe Bishop’s Tipple has been a legend amongst ale drinkers ever since it was originally brewed to commemorate George Reindorp’s appointment as Bishop of Salisbury.

When I opened the fridge and saw this bottle of beer, my initial thoughts were, that looks nice, but looks a little heavy. I was expecting a dark strong beer that would take time to savour and enjoy.

I was however pleasantly surprised to find that this was a really nice ale with a golden hue and that was both refreshing and light to the palate. I really enjoyed it and hope to find another bottle in the fridge soon.

Asahi Beer

On my most recent visit to Wagamama alongside my squid and donburi I had a very nice ice cold Asahi beer.

This was a very refreshing asian beer that complemented the spicy food really well.


Tribute, a “premium cornish ale” was a really nice pint of beer. Good flavour and not too much gas.

Premium Cotswold Lager

When I had my nice meal at The Royal Well Tavern alongside I had a bottle of Premium Cotswold Lager.

Light in colour, a very nice and refreshing lager that tasted great.



Not sure why I bought ten bottles of shandy… but I did…

£1.89 seemed quite cheap….

Not that nice and too fizzy…


Theakston’s Lightfoot


Mention Theakston’s and most people think of Old Peculier, of course it’s not the only beer they brew.

I have drunk Old Peculier, Best and XB before, but when I recently saw a bottle of Lightfoot, I hadn’t seen it before, so bought a bottle.

Lightfoot Bitter was created as a tribute to Lightfoot Brewery, Masham which we acquired in 1919. The label and pump clip depict the original Brewery site, here in Masham, at the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. This is a delicious and refreshing, golden ale – brewed in the time honoured Theakston fashion.

It’s light in colour and though the website describes the smell and taste as floral, this is no Golden Glory!

I really enjoyed it, very light and refreshing, an ideal beer for the summer.