Christmas Dinner

The dinner I cooked this Christmas was very nice and went down well.

We had stuffed haunch of venison which was lovely and tender and full of flavour.

Served with potatoes roasted in goose fat, roasted parsnips and sweet potatoes. Along with stuffings, carrots, beans, and other trimmings.


Don’t visit the supermarket at Christmastime…

Well you walk around the supermarket this Christmas, do not under any circumstances be tempted by the Christmas prepared goodies you see on the shelves. You will find that you are much better off, cooking nice recipes yourself, as often these (so-called) goodies are just full of sugar or have even less of the nice stuff in it then the label or name suggests.

The Guardian sent three foodie experts to test out the goodies from leading supermarkets.

This year, you don’t even need to peel a potato for Christmas dinner. From gourmet seafood starters to exotically stuffed turkeys and hand-decorated cakes, you can buy all your celebration food ready made from the supermarket. But do these time-saving dishes taste any good? Our three expert foodies tested ranges from the five leading chains.

One thing for example, is roast potatoes cooked in duck fat, well you would think that was roast potatoes cooked in duck fat wouldn’t you. Well they aren’t they are roast potatoes cooked with 2% duck fat and a lot of rape seed oil!

Cook your own (organic) potatoes, get some duck or goose fat and use that, don’t buy the prepared veg, cook your own!

Christmas at River Cottage

Festive cheer

Fancy something different this Christmas?

Something a little more organic and ethical then you usually have?

Christmas is a time for overindulgence, for fabulous presents (and unwanted scarves) and, above all, for spending with loved ones. But if you’re the cook of the house, how many years have you missed out on the fun because you’ve been chained to the cooker? Do yourself a favour this year and adopt the River Cottage approach to festive cooking.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall writes in the Guardian on a (not too) alternative approach to cooking the Christmas dinner.

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Christmas in Pastry

The Guardian has posted a Christmas Pie recipe.

In the last of our exclusive baking recipes, Martin Dewey, founder of Square Pie, explains how you can recreate their hearty festive pastry in your own kitchen.

Avoid Christmas Food Poisoning

Every year across the UK hundreds (if not thousands) of people suffer a miserable Christmas as they go down with food poisoning, with a lot of these down to badly cooked roasted turkeys.

Roast Turkeys

With less than a month to go the Food Standards Agency has published a Safer Christmas Eating guide which should help you avoid making yourself and others ill through badly cooked food.

Whether you’re cooking for one or thirty-one, our Christmas poultry advice – plus our cooking and defrosting calculators – can help protect you and your family and friends from food poisoning.

Well worth reading, more so if you have never cooked a really big turkey before.

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