Christmas in Pastry

The Guardian has posted a Christmas Pie recipe.

In the last of our exclusive baking recipes, Martin Dewey, founder of Square Pie, explains how you can recreate their hearty festive pastry in your own kitchen.

Avoid Christmas Food Poisoning

Every year across the UK hundreds (if not thousands) of people suffer a miserable Christmas as they go down with food poisoning, with a lot of these down to badly cooked roasted turkeys.

Roast Turkeys

With less than a month to go the Food Standards Agency has published a Safer Christmas Eating guide which should help you avoid making yourself and others ill through badly cooked food.

Whether you’re cooking for one or thirty-one, our Christmas poultry advice – plus our cooking and defrosting calculators – can help protect you and your family and friends from food poisoning.

Well worth reading, more so if you have never cooked a really big turkey before.

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