Scrambled Egg on Bagel

A nice simple breakfast that I have now and again is scrambled egg on toasted bagel.

I take a small pan, and turn the heat on. I add a small knob of butter and let that melt.

I slice a fresh bagel and place it in the toast.

I beat two eggs in a cup and pour it into the pan. I don’t add water or milk.

I then push the toaster down.

The way I cook the eggs, is once the bagels are down in the toaster, I stir the eggs with a fork. After about a minute I change over to a spoon. You probably could use a spoon from the start, but as I used a fork to beat the eggs in the cup, that’s what I usually start with!

The key is to keep the heat low to medium or you may find that you have a scrambled omelette rather than scrambled eggs. I then use the spoon to “scrape” the cooked egg from the bottom of the pan, which is then replaced by the liquid egg.

At the point the bagels pop up in the toaster generally the eggs are done. They will keep cooking even after the heat is turned off, but you can use this to your advantage to finish cooking the eggs. You need to be careful not to overcook the eggs as they will become rubbery.

I don’t generally butter the bagels and they don’t really need it. Add some freshly ground black pepper and you’re done!

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