Grilled Chicken

I do like grilled chicken, however I don’t like my grill! I would love to have a proper commercial salamander grill, I am reminded on a regular basis that this is a standard domestic kitchen, and not a restaurant kitchen… So the grill we do have is built into the oven and is not separate. So if I want to grill I need to leave the oven door open and that I don’t like from a safety perspective, especially with young children running around. So the other day as I had the time I would be able to ensure that everyone else in the house wouldn’t be grilled.

I decided to do two types of grilled chicken.

Firstly I took some chicken thighs and with a marinade of olive oil, white wine vinegar and mixed dried herbs mixed and coated the chicken before placing them on the grill pan

I then took some chicken drumsticks and in a bowl added some Schwartz’s Spicy Italian spice mix, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and coated the legs.

I turned the chicken a couple of times and each time I would brush the chicken with the remaining marinade from each of of the bowls.

The result?

Well the chicken had a wonderful flavour and was beautifully moist and tender. I really do like the taste of grilled chicken and these were just right.

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