Cooking Chicken over Charcoal

Cooking Chicken over Charcoal

We don’t seem to get much nice weather these days, seems to be ever rarer when it’s a bank holiday. So it was a pleasant surprise to not only have a dry sunny day and on bank holiday monday.

So while the roads clogged up with traffic we decided to light the barbecue.

We went with some simple burgers and sausages, but I also really liked barbecued chicken.

I took some wings, legs and thighs and made a marinade of garlic, parsley, white wine, vinegar and olive oil. The chicken was left to marinade for an hour or so.

The wings I cooked over charcoal with mesquite wood chips, whilst the rest of the chicken was cooked more slowly over plain charcoal.

The wings cooked reasonably quickly and were delicious, they had lovely crispy skin, but were still tender and moist.

The legs and thighs, which were cooked for longer, despite not having the mesquite had a deep smokey flavour.

I served the chicken with a range of salads.

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