Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

So there I was at Paddington waiting for my train when I thought I would get a coffee, well I’m not that much of a fan of the coffee on the train and decided that I quite fancied a doughnut too.

I was slightly sceptical of Krispy Kreme though I did quite like the look of the doughnuts and so falling to temptation bought a small americano and two doughnuts, a simple glazed ring and a lemon meringue filled doughnut.

Now they were slightly too sweet for me, but they were fresh and tasted quite nice.

The simple glazed ring doughtnut had too much glaze as there was a fair bit of sticky glaze on the underneath.

The lemon meringue filled doughnut came filled with a lemon custard and was topped with a thin meringue. This was better than the glazed doughnut and was, well let’s say it was an interesting experience.

Would I get them again?

Probably not unless I was really fancying something really sweet!

What about the coffee? Well the coffee wasn’t that bad, certainly better than the coffee you get on the train.

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