La Lola Calamari

I hadn’t actually planned to have lunch in Bristol, but I was shopping in Broadmead and was feeling a little peckish. It was getting past the lunchtime, so wasn’t sure what would be available. I did quite fancy something from La Lola in the end, also I could sit down as well.

I decided not to have the paella, as it was near the end of lunchtime so probably might be not so fresh. In the end I went with the calamari.


This was cooked to order so was nice and fresh. It came with salad and deep fried potato slices.

The squid was delicious. It was nice and tender with a crisp coating. I felt though that the potatoes were like thick crisps. I wasn’t too enamoured with them and preferred the fried sliced potatoes that they use to serve. The salad was nice though.

Overall I enjoyed the food and it was a nice place to sit, eat and take in the atmosphere of the street food market.

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