Merguez sausages

One of my favourite sausages is the merguez sausage.

This is a North African spicy lamb and beef sausage that is really nice and meaty with a hot and spicy taste.

Merguez sausages

Merguez is made with lamb or beef, and flavoured with a wide range of spices, such as sumac for tartness, and paprika, cayenne, or harissa, a hot chilli paste that gives it a red colour.

I have had Merguez sausages in Cafe Rouge and have had trouble finding them for sale in my local suppliers.

However was pleased to find them in Taste.

Just grilled they were delicious.

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  1. Found a great supplier of seasonings and have even got my local butcher to make them for me. The Provencal Spice Co based in Farnham have an excellent seasoning that they supply to butchers in the UK. I had not been able to find a decent Merguez for years and used to bring them back from France.

  2. Sorry, forgot to say that Cafe Rouge import their Merguez from Marseilles and ship them in to all their Cafes. I can’t beleive they don’t get them made here in the UK

  3. I’m not surprised ,..their steaks come from Australia, New Zealand..
    BTW Merguez sausage could be a great dish if it wasn’t precooked in the house and then just reheated to order.

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