Newquay Steam Beer

Talking of steam beers yesterday I was reminded of a wonderful beer, Newquay Steam Beer.

Wondering if it was still available I did a Google search and alas found that it was no more.

Well ‘Newquay Steam Beer’ was a victim of its own success. It outsold the major beer seller in the southwest by miles. The competitor had to produce something better or lose out.

Their money men suggested that they should buy the rights to the name, the recipes and the artwork and sell it as their own. They were missing the secret ingredient and the flair to drive the brand forward and so after quite a short period of time ‘Steam Beer’ sank without a trace.

That’s a pity, if my memory serves me correctly it was a very nice beer.

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  1. I worked at the Brewery Head Office in Weymouth and remember it very well. Very popular, very strong and unfortunately had a lot of bad press – good marketing helped it on but a shame also that Devonish Brewery has also gone.

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