Oh I hate it when that happens…

After a lovely day out I went into the kitchen to cook something to eat for the family. I had in my head what I was going to cook and the ingredients were already in the fridge.

And then….

Oh I hate it when that happens…


Well as I got the pork steaks I was going to grill out of the packaging I noticed an odd smell. They were off, well they had only just gone off… Very disappointed and annoyed. All those well laid plans and ideas were scuppered.

Looking back into the fridge I realised there was not much else in there that I could use instead. Was also getting too late to get something out of the freezer and ruin it by trying to defrost it in the microwave. Also going out to buy the ingredients “again” would take up too much time. The annoyance was compounded by the fact that the green veg I was going to use, had also gone off.

At this point I started to check the fridge to see if it was in fact working! I did turn it up a bit.

I suspect that with all this hot weather, and despite been well within the “use by” dates, poor stock keeping at the local supermarket had resulted in a much shorter shelf life than anticipated. I have seen at some supermarkets fresh food left out in the sun as it was unpacked from the lorry.

In the end I went with chorizo sausage, with some salad.

Cooking Chorizo

It was nice, but still disappointed and a little annoyed.

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  1. At times like this James, I always hope that there are some eggs in the fridge. Even at the worst of times, you could then peel the green bits off of a potato, dice up some old, hard bread (cut off the greeny blue bits first – ditto any cheese you have left) and cook up a tasty frittata.

    Chorizo would make that a luxury dish.



  2. Though that sounds really nice David (and I did have eggs), though I know I would enjoy it, the rest of the family (for some reason) aren’t a fan of egg dishes like that… I did boil some eggs to go with the salad and they went down well.

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