Old Frankie & Benny’s site to become a Burger King Drive-Thru

Now that the Frankie and Benny restaurant has closed on Flowerdown Retail Park. It would appear that the site will become a  Burger King with a drive-thru. Planning applications posted to the council show how the site will be converted into a drive-thru and local businesses have been consulted on the change.

I am not a great fan of fast food burger joints, so I think the chances of ever eating out there is very slim. If I am going out to eat I like the whole dining experience, queuing for a brown paper bag full of fast food, is not really my thing.

Combine this news with the new KFC opening up at the old Homebase in Queensway, Worle, the closure of Prezzo and Pizza Express, the eating out scene in Weston is slowly turning into one of fast food and drive-thru eating.

With all the exciting stuff that happens in Bristol on the food scene, it’s a pity that Weston is going down this fast food road.

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  1. There definitely isn’t a KFC opening up at the old homebase site, this was a purely hypothetical plan but in by the land owners a few years ago when Bunnings was in trouble and there was also a suggestion of a Starbucks at the same time. In the end Bunnings converted back to Homebase and managed to survive for about 18 months, Homebase are now back in profit ironically but are seeking the same number and smaller size stores they had about twenty years ago. There were further suggestions of a KFC more recently, as a standalone building in the car park, but with three large units (Iceland, ALDI, HomeBargains) now competing for not that much parking, with ten spaces now lost to electric car charging and all the original ‘front wall’ spaces lost to frontage and trolley parks, I’d say it’s dead as a possibility. As it happens I half wonder if Weston is not so much a likely new BK as one of the two so far unannounced Wendy’s??

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