Pistachio Ice Cream

I have always had a passion for pistachio ice cream. I use to have it as a kid in France and loved it.

It was always a challenge to find it back in the UK even over the last few years it’s not something you see. I have it now and again in (proper) Italian restaurants and even Druckers has a nice version.

So when I was in Sainsburys the other day looking for Carte d’Or Lavazza Latte Macchiato ice cream I saw they were stocking Antonio Federici’s Pistachio ice cream.

This looked very nice. Yes it was expensive and was quite a small tub in comparison to the other “luxury” ice creams in the freezer, but I like pistachio ice cream and this was pistachio ice cream.

I took it home and rather than try it straight away I put it in the freezer for a special occasion.

I followed the instructions to the letter on the day I decided to have some.

The result?

Was it heaven?



I so did not like it, I so did not like it so much that I not only threw the tub away, I also didn’t even finish the bowl I had scooped for myself.

So what was wrong, I hear you ask?

Well it certainly did taste of pistachio, it really did taste of pistachio, very nutty, very nutty indeed. It was quite a non-sweet taste, almost savoury-like. I think that was the issue for me, it was too much like pistachios and  not enough like pistachio ice cream.

Don’t get me wrong, I like pistachio nuts, but this ice cream didn’t do it for me.

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