Poaching Chicken

No this blog entry is not about going out in the middle of night and snaffling a couple of chickens from the local farm.

I have virtually always roasted or fried my chicken, or used it in casseroles. After watching Saturday Kitchen on the BBC I decided to try something new and poach the chicken. I have poached chicken before in foil parcels, but never just as it is.

I took some water, added a carrot, an onion, a chunk of leek, some red pepper, black peppercorns and a bunch of parsley.

Poaching chicken.

I then poached the chicken for about ten to fifteen minutes. I then put it on a plate to rest.

When I was ready to serve up, I pan fried the chicken in a hot pan with some butter just to add some colour.

I served the chicken on a bed of leeks with beans, carrots and roasted potatoes.

Poaching the chicken added a multitude of flavours and made the chicken very moist and tender. Verdict of the table was that it was delicious.

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