Puxton Park Burger

Anyone who has small children will know that they really like going to animal or country parks. The place will generally be based around a farm and within it you get animals (mainly farm animals and the odd small rabbit), usually there will be a barn filled with large slides and playground equipment and more often then not a café of some sort. Anyone who goes to these cafés will know that nine times out of ten the food is either crisps and biscuits, uninspiring sandwiches or kiddie food, ie fish fingers, chicken nuggets, etc….

Our local park, Puxton Park, has the animals, the play areas, but also has a rather nice café. It serves very nice food at reasonable prices. It is not just visited by families with small children, due to its proximity to the M5, it is used as a motorway service station by coach tours who descend on just the cafe with hordes of holiday makers.

If you are unlucky you may find that what was going to be a quick lunch is scuppered by a horde of old people in front of you desperate to buy a pot of tea, order dinner and get some chocolate bourbon biscuits. So desperate that they are willing to push aside anyone who gets in their way….

However if you are lucky and miss the coach trip you can choose from the menu and the specials at your leisure. On a recent visit I went with the burger.

The burger arrived, I was pleased to see that it had come in a seeded bun, but this was no plastic sesame seeded bun, this was a proper bun with a range of seeds. Removing the top of the bun showed a proper homemade burger, just slightly too chargrilled for my liking, but not too much to impair the flavour.

Within the bun was some fresh onion and tomato. To be honest with the top of the bun removed it didn’t look that appetising, but with the top back on of course you didn’t notice how it looked, and the bun did look nice. Served alongside were some very nice crispy chips and a simple salad. The only thing I didn’t like was the sticky BBQ sauce served alongside, so that go moved off the plate.

Overall it was a really nice burger, tasted great and well presented and good value at £5.40 too. Recommended.

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