Sainsbury’s King Prawns With Orzo

When I bought my paella the other day, it was part of a deal, buy two meals from the range for £5. The other dish I got was one with king prawns and orzo pasta.


King prawns with orzo pasta, roasted red onion, red and yellow peppers and courgettes, cherry tomatoes, baby leaf spinach and a tomato dressing.

I thought this was a much nicer meal than the paella. It did taste fresh and the addition of the fresh tomato sauce worked well. If I was to change one aspect of the dish, that would be the prawns, as they were already cooked, heating them up with the rest of the dish did “ruin” them. Though all the ingredients were cooked and just needed reheating, some ingredients do better than others when reheated. Prawns shrink and become chewy. If I was got get this meal again, I would probably remove the prawns before reheating and then add them at the end.

Of course the other option is to make this dish from scratch (always challenging when at work, but easier to do at home) I would use raw prawns rather than cooked ones.

I did enjoy this dish, it tasted fresher compared to other meals from Sainsbury’s however with a standard price of £3.70 I think it is quite expensive, good value as part of the deal, less so on its own.

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