Slow Roasted Pork Belly

You don’t always have to use expensive cuts of meat to make a wonderful meal, sometimes the cheapest cuts cooked really slowly can have fantastic flavour and texture.

Turn on your oven to its highest temperature.

I chopped some root vegetable, onion and carrot, added some mushrooms and potatoes and placed it in a roasting pan.

I placed the belly pork on the root vegetables and seasoned it. I then placed this in the really hot oven, turning the temperature right down to 160. I then left the pork to roast for about two hours. This may not seem long, but it wasn’t a huge piece of pork like a leg joint.

As it cooked I did add some wine and water now and again to the bottom of the roasting pan, so it didn’t dry out.

The result was a fantastic moist, tender wonderfully flavoured piece of pork. Which I sliced and served with vegetables.

Overall very tasty and a well received on the table.

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