Southern Fried Chicken Strips

Are you worried about the additives in the fast food you buy?

Are you concerned about the ingredients used in the snacks you eat?

Do you care about the welfare of the animals used for the foods you love?

I really like southern fried chicken, but wherever possible try and avoid buying it from those fast food places as:

a) I am worried about the salt content.

b) I am worried about the additives used.

c) I prefer to use organic free range chicken where possible.

So I now make my own southern fried chicken.

Take some skinless boneless organic chicken thighs, some supermarkets sell them like this, others you will need to skin and bone them. I prefer the thigh meat as it has a lot more flavour than the breast meat (and is cheaper).

Slice into strips.

Coat in flour.

Coat in beaten egg (free range and organic).

Coat again in seasoned flour, I use a mix of cajun spices usually.

Deep fry for a minute or so, until brown.

Drain and put onto kitchen towel on a plate to drain any excess oil.

Serve with dips and stuff.

Quick and easy.

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