Like a lot of children, my children love bananas and eat a lot of them. They are very much a staple at home and we take a bunch of them when we are out and about.

I am not averse to them myself. However unlike when I was young, my children do not like bananas and custard. This was a staple pudding of mine when I was a kid. Reminds me that I haven’t had a banana split in a while either, probably not had one of those either since I was a child.

Interestingly they don’t really like banana flavoured stuff either, you know that banana milk or banana flavoured sweets. I would suspect that’s because they don’t really taste of bananas!

Recently buying bananas has been a little fraught with some purchased bunches going black very quickly, or very bruised already. So much so that I have been buying them loose rather than buying them pre-packed. It wasn’t unique to a single supermarket either, regardless of where I was buying them, pre-packed seemed to be bruised or ripened too much. I wonder if it was anything to do with the recent weather?

No more blue ice cream

There is something about blue food (well here in the UK anyhow) that means it doesn’t really appeal.

There never use to be blue smarties before someone noticed that the Germans had blue smarties!

Druckers, the coffee chain, use to sell a variety of Italian ice creams, one of which was a blue banana flavoured ice cream.

Why it was blue, I do not know, but blue it was.

Now I don’t like blue ice cream, but someone in my house does, he is three! He has been asking for it!

It appears after asking that Druckers won’t be getting anymore in. I did try Patisserie Valerie, both it and Druckers are owned by the same parent company, and after a web search I did find that at one time, Patisserie Valerie also sold blue ice cream. It now appears like Druckers that they don’t sell it anymore!

So no ice cream that is the colour blue. What am I to do?