Now that’s a bargain….

I thought it was only the “other” supermarkets that gave us unbeatable bargains, but it looks like Marks and Spencer is getting in on the act!

As you can see, the juice is £1 or three for £3...

As you can see, the juice is £1.. each, or three for £3… all the juices on that shelf were £1.00.

The point of the bargain is?

Doughnut Bargain

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Jam Doughnuts were on special at a Sainsbury Local.

Doughnut Bargain

They were 33p each or two for £1.20…

Doughnut Bargain


Another great offer from that Tesco

Another great offer from Tesco

Not sure that Tesco quite understand that these kinds of offers aren’t in fact offers.

If you are going to do two for £4 then ensure that everything within that offer is over £2 otherwise what is the point? I have even seen stuff included that was (if it was in this offer) less than £2 in a two for £4 deal.

Another one of those bargains…

So there I was in the Sainsburys when I noticed another one of those bargains.

99p each, three for £3

99p each or three for £3.

Now this offer was on all the Sharwoods oriental range and virtually everything else was above £1, most in the £1.40 range.

The reason I think this is an issue is not if you buy one of the 99p items and two more, as you would “save” money, it’s when you buy four or five items and include the 99p item.

For example

Imagine buying three other items at £1.42 and the curry paste for 99p. The 99p item would be included within the three for £3 so you would be charged £4.42. If you bought the curry paste separately then you would then only be charged a total of £3.99.

If you bought three other items at £1.42 and then two lots of curry paste for 99p. The two lots of curry paste would be included within the three for £3, so you would be charged £5.84. If you bought the curry paste separately then you only be charged £4.98.

There is then a false incentive to buy six item, which will cost you £6.

So do I what did, buy just one item for £1.42 that you went into buy and that will save you a lot more money in the longer term. Special offers are really only special to the supermarket, they only save you money if you were going to buy the items anyhow. Buying them because they are on special doesn’t save you money, it costs you money!

Bargain, not!

Supermarket Bargain NOT

This is one of those bargains you find at Tesco and other supermarkets, £1.00 each or on special, two for £2.00… hmmm

When more is less

When more is less

Ten Chocolate Mini Rolls cost £2.00, whilst six cost 97p. So if I buy two packs of six I get twelve for £1.94 which means for 6p less I get two more chocolate rolls.

Notice it is not a special offer, this is the “normal” price.

Another amazing bargain from the supermarkets, this time Tesco.

An even better bargain!

After the last excellent offer in my local Sainsburys I was pleased to see another excellent offer….


I did see a similar ‘bargain” in Tesco, but too many staff around to take a photograph. Once got “told off” in Cabot Circus for taking photographs, so am always a little careful in retail outlets.

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