Japanese BBQ Beef

Back in July I was working in London and out for lunch, I headed off to the Leather Lane street food market, where there are plenty  of choices of places to eat.

On Leather Lane is Mugen, a Japanese restaurant.

Contemporary Japanese restaurant with a sushi bar and traditional minimalist decor.

During the market they put up a food stall outside their restaurant and they had a good looking menu.

I went with the Beef Bavette BBQ Combo. This was a substantial lunch with a base of rice, stir fried, vegetables, egg, pumpkin  katsu and pickled ginger. On top is sliced baguette steak finishing off with a sauce.

BBQ Beef

I have to say, that though I enjoyed the food, it wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would be. The steak lacked seasoning and the pumpkin  katsu lacked flavour. Overall I was a little disappointed.

Bento Box

I do quite like the idea of a Japanese Bento Box, however here in the UK (outside London) we don’t get many Japanese takeaways.

If you exclude Indian, most Asian takeaways in this country “pretend” to be Chinese takeaways. Serving fast wok fried food in sticky sugary sauces.

This Bento Box was from a Japanese takeaway in New Zealand and was quite nice and very reasonably priced. It makes me wonder why we can’t in this country do something similar. Well actually from experience we can in London, but outside the big cities, no we have to suffer sticky faux-Chinese sauces…