Katsu Fish Finger Bap

I stopped off at Baddesley Clinton Hall a National Trust property in Warwickshire, partly to see the house and gardens, and partly to have lunch.

I had planned to have some soup, but looking over the menu, I decided I would have the Katsu Fish Finger Bap. I placed my order, picked up my coffee and headed to sit down.

A little later the Katsu Fish Finger Bap arrived. It was a seeded bap with three fish fingers, lettuce, pickled slaw, and some Katsu sauce. It was served with lettuce and slaw on the side.

It did look rather nice. The flavours were excellent. I did think that the fish fingers could have been a lot crisper, then were a little soft. I also think it could have had a little more Katsu sauce as well.

Overall it was a nice snack for lunch.

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