Fish and Chips

When travelling out and about I try as much as possible to avoid eating at motorway service stations. Either they are overpriced and overcooked, or they merely consist of fast food chains. One alternative is to eat at a supermarket restaurant where the food is usually a little better and generally much cheaper.

So it was that I found myself at a Morrisons supermarket last week looking for a bite to eat for lunch. As I hadn’t had it for a while I went with the fish and chips.

To be honest it was quite good and value for money at less than five pounds.

The batter was crispy, though for me a little too greasy, and the fish was only just overcooked. Generally I find in these places they well overcook the fish. The chips were crunchy with a fluffy inside. The peas were as expected frozen peas heated through and slighty overcooked as they were obviously cooked and kept warm over the lunch service period.

Well not bad, and to be honest what I expected from a supermarket café. Certainly it was better than what I would find at the motorway services.

Italian sausage and red wine tortelloni

Tried the Italian sausage and red wine tortelloni from Morrisons.

After cooking it in a pan of boiling water for about two minutes I drained the pasta and added a couple of spoonfuls of creme fraché. I served the pasta with some freshly grated parmesan and freshly ground black pepper.

Though the texture was good, I did feel that the pasta lacked any distinctive flavour. I certainly couldn’t taste any red wine in the pasta filling and the sausage was not very apparent in the filling. Overall I was disappointed with the pasta.

Why so expensive?

The other day I made some Chorizo Frito al Vino and I used some Chorizo that I had bought from Morrisons. It had cost £1.99.

I was therefore surprised to see in Sainsburys when I wanted to buy a very similar Chorizo sausage that they were charging £2.99. It was even more expensive from the deli counter where it was £3.49.

I don’t know it if it will be a better Chorizo sausage, but if it is similar then a 50% markup is terrible.

Still missing the (fresh) cooking chorizo from Tesco.

Gü Chocolate Trifle

Generally I don’t like shop made trifles, as in the main there is an articial taste to them, particularly chocolate trifles. The cream always has a tang to it that I really don’t like.

Generally I don’t have the time and patience to make my own (and also I am the only person in the house who likes trifle, so making a big one is not on the cards either).

Now and again I buy individual trifles, notably Tesco Finest and Morrisons The Best individual sherry trifles which are not that bad for shop bought trifles.

Recently I have bough a three pack of Gü Chocolate Trifles.

Gü Chocolate Trifle

Their website says about their trifles and why you should buy them…

1. The intensity of the 53% cocoa chocolate ganache.

2. The softness of the chocolate sponge.

3. The decadence of the lightly whipped cream.

4. The silky-smoothness of the chocolatey mousse.

I did enjoy them and you can tell that as I bought them again. They are by no way perfect, but when you want a quick chocolatey snack and want to avoid the artificial twang that you find with many chocolate desserts from the fridge, then chocolate trifles from Gü are just the job.

Sharing Breakfast

I’m not one for staring at people as they eat their breakfast in a supermarket cafe, but this morning I couldn’t help myself.

There were a couple who had ordered two English Breakfasts. They arrived, and the man started to move the mushrooms from his plate to hers.

Fair enough I thought, he probably doesn’t like mushrooms.

She then started to move (what I initially thought) her egg over to his plate. I then realised she was just moving the fried egg white.

He then started moving the yolks from his plate to hers.

I am sure that they probably think their behaviour is “normal” to me it was very bizarre.

After he tried to put a whole fried egg white into his mouth and half fell out, she didn’t bat an eyelid, I knew I had seen too much and looked away and focused on my cup of tea.

Jack Daniels Barbecue Sauce

Many, many years ago I use to go out and eat at TGI Fridays, one thing they use to do with their steaks (and prawns and chicken wings) was either cook them in a Jack Daniels sauce or serve it on the side.

I remember trying to find that sauce at local supermarkets and other suppliers without success. I even (when I got the internet) trying to find an online supplier and again no success.

Eventually TGI Fridays stopped serving the sauce and it became one of those food memories, something you had once, and would never see again (like the Wispa).

So you can imagine my surprise when in my local Morrisons I found this.

Jack Daniels Barbecue Sauce

Alas though it was nice it was not as nice as I remembered it, maybe it’s different, maybe it’s just time.