Gü Chocolate Trifle

Generally I don’t like shop made trifles, as in the main there is an articial taste to them, particularly chocolate trifles. The cream always has a tang to it that I really don’t like.

Generally I don’t have the time and patience to make my own (and also I am the only person in the house who likes trifle, so making a big one is not on the cards either).

Now and again I buy individual trifles, notably Tesco Finest and Morrisons The Best individual sherry trifles which are not that bad for shop bought trifles.

Recently I have bough a three pack of Gü Chocolate Trifles.

Gü Chocolate Trifle

Their website says about their trifles and why you should buy them…

1. The intensity of the 53% cocoa chocolate ganache.

2. The softness of the chocolate sponge.

3. The decadence of the lightly whipped cream.

4. The silky-smoothness of the chocolatey mousse.

I did enjoy them and you can tell that as I bought them again. They are by no way perfect, but when you want a quick chocolatey snack and want to avoid the artificial twang that you find with many chocolate desserts from the fridge, then chocolate trifles from Gü are just the job.

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