Sharing Breakfast

I’m not one for staring at people as they eat their breakfast in a supermarket cafe, but this morning I couldn’t help myself.

There were a couple who had ordered two English Breakfasts. They arrived, and the man started to move the mushrooms from his plate to hers.

Fair enough I thought, he probably doesn’t like mushrooms.

She then started to move (what I initially thought) her egg over to his plate. I then realised she was just moving the fried egg white.

He then started moving the yolks from his plate to hers.

I am sure that they probably think their behaviour is “normal” to me it was very bizarre.

After he tried to put a whole fried egg white into his mouth and half fell out, she didn’t bat an eyelid, I knew I had seen too much and looked away and focused on my cup of tea.

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