Beef and Ale Stew

This is the dish I made today for putting in the freezer. It can be a stew or the basis for a beef and ale pie.

I took some diced organic beef. This is browned in batches in a very hot pan. It is vital for the stew for flavour and colour that you brown the beef and don’t initially “stew” or “steam” the beef. So keep the temperature of the pan high and brown small batches.

Once the beef is browned I added  diced carrot, parsnip and onion. These were softened in the pan I used for the beef. Once this was slightly softened and coated in the juices from the pan I added back the beef.

I then poured in a bottle of ale, I used Old Speckled Hen and a pint of beef stock.

Add herbs and seasoning to taste.

Simmer and cook for three hours or until the beef is tender.

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