Bento Box

I do quite like the idea of a Japanese Bento Box, however here in the UK (outside London) we don’t get many Japanese takeaways.

If you exclude Indian, most Asian takeaways in this country “pretend” to be Chinese takeaways. Serving fast wok fried food in sticky sugary sauces.

This Bento Box was from a Japanese takeaway in New Zealand and was quite nice and very reasonably priced. It makes me wonder why we can’t in this country do something similar. Well actually from experience we can in London, but outside the big cities, no we have to suffer sticky faux-Chinese sauces…

Chinese Food – wish I hadn’t…

Tonight I made a mistake of going out and buying a chinese takeway. Now I wish I hadn’t.

It seemed such a good idea, get some egg fried rice, some prawn crackers, sweet and sour chicken, duck and something and king prawn dish.

No cooking, nice and easy Friday night meal.

Well we did order, and we got, egg fried rice which was somewhat dry (as it generally always is) and large crispy prawn crackers that didn’t really taste of prawns. We had chunks of chicken in thick crispy batter and a sweet and sour sauce that is a thick red gloopy glue. The duck with bamboo and water chestnuts had potential, but the Bisto style gravy let it down. Whilst the king prawns with cashew nuts was probably the best of the bunch, but still nothing to write home about.

After eating (and we did leave some) we didn’t feel quite right, a little bit sick and later some pain.

The idea was nice, the execution was poor and the aftermath not pleasant.

I bought chinese food, I wish I hadn’t.