Time for timbits

I popped out to the new Tim Hortons to buy some Timbits for lunch. It recently opened and they had taken over the old Pizza Hut. They also added a drive through. I didn’t drive through and went inside. Having visited the Pizza Hut, it was interesting to see what they had done inside. They had kept much of the interior structure, but obviously done some decorating. There was a new serving area. I did actually start to queue, but in the end I went to one of their ordering screens and placed my order for a small box of timbits. These are small doughnuts in various flavours.

I then had to wait a while before I could pick up my order, which I took home.

There was a choice of timbits in the box, I had a chocolate one and a cinnamon one.

The timbits were okay, but I wouldn’t say they were outstanding. 

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