For lunch today I popped into Debenhams in Bristol which I know is never the best place to go and eat (especially as there are more choices now with Cabot’s Circus open) however they do nice children’s lunch boxes which the children like.

I decided to try the Chicken Kebab on Flat Bread with Sweet Chilli sauce, which came in at £4.75

Well it was cooked fresh to order (so the sign said) and was one of the reason I chose it, rather than go for something which had been standing under the hot lamp for a while.

After about eight minutes it was ready (they use those buzzer things) and off I popped to pick it up.

Let’s just say it was nothing to shout home about, something I wouldn’t recommend to anyone and I would never buy it again.

The chicken was just plain tough, and was merely cooked chicken re-heated, hardly freshly cooked to order! It’s surprising how tough twice cooked chicken can be. Also not very much of it, just a single skewer. Why do places like Debenhams which for example were cooking gammon from fresh can’t do the same with the chicken? The flat bread was like a naan, but tough, almost stale in places. The sweet chilli sauce was way too sweet and didn’t really have any kick.

Overall I was very disappointed, I was expecting it to be much better than it was, my local kebab shop could do much better.

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