Why do we flock to all-you-can-eat restaurants?

BBC News Magazine reports on the all-you-can-eat restaurant chain Taybarns

With a “34-metre long food counter” Taybarns is all about quantity. It offers an array of food. Choose from a chip shop, carvery, pizza, pasta, even what appears to be a new hybrid-cuisine, Texican.

Its menu boasts: “Enjoy as much as you like, as many times as you like. All for one fixed price!”

Egg and Chips with a nice mug of tea

Why do we flock to all-you-can-eat restaurants?

A good question.

Personally I do go to them, but often not through choice, but because others take me there…

Having said that the all you can eat buffet at the Hilton Hotels I have stayed in have been pretty good. But there you pay £27 rather than the £7.99 at Taybarns.

I agree though with the final comment.

“The American model bothers me. We want big portions, rubbish food. What we actually need is higher quality and people eating less.”

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