Yum for a Yum Bowl

I really do enjoy visiting street food markets. It’s something I have missed during the pandemic and lockdown. I have been virtually working from home every day since lockdown in March 2020 and therefore haven’t needed to go out and grab some lunch. I’ve gone out, just not for lunch. When I was working in London in August I made a habit of visiting the Leather Lane street food market.

One one visit back in August I finally got to try out Yum Bowl on the Leather Lane market.

I did have to queue for a while. One of the reasons I hadn’t visited the stall before was because of the lengthy queues. In the end I arrived early and the queue was shorter.

There are some nice sounding things you can have including soft pork, honey grilled chicken and grilled chicken satay. You can also choose between rice or noodles. I went with the crispy pork rice bowl.

This was rice with slices of crispy pork belly, served with vegetables and a sticky asian sauce.

It was a generous portion and I quite enjoyed it. The pork was crispy rather than hard and crunchy. The sauce was nice and didn’t overpower the food and the vegetables were nice and fresh. I liked how it was all put together in front of you, the pork is sliced there and then, so stays nice and tender and doesn’t dry out.

It was rather nice, and much better than the chicken dish I had a few days previously. I can see why it is popular stall, the food was delicious and great value for money.

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